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Integrating the best of steel and graphite required inimitable technology in both types of shafts.

Hybrids and/or driving irons are increasingly used for precise tee shots requiring distance control and for second shots on longer-distance holes. But steel and graphite shafts both have their advantages and disadvantages – neither is superior overall. As a shaft maker with extensive knowledge of both steel and graphite, Nippon Shaft developed a new hybrid shaft that delivers both higher trajectory and tighter dispersion with pinpoint accuracy.

The key to Nippon Shaft success was Nippon Shaft patented adhesive technology that allows Nippon Shaft to take full advantage of graphite’s design flexibility to ideally integrate steel and graphite. Not only does this composite design compensate for the lack of rigidity in steel, but it combines the solid feel and spin control of steel with the flex control of graphite. In essence, N.S.PRO MODUS3 HYBRID Graphite On Steel Technology results in an ideal hybrid shaft with many of the advantages and none of the disadvantages of steel and graphite.

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