JumboMax STR8 Tech Wrap Black Swing Grips

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Sync up your grip pressure with STR8 Tech, the non-tapered swing grip from JumboMax.

The golf industry is just now catching up to a little secret we’ve known for more than a decade — there are HUGE benefits to using a grip with a larger lower hand area. The STR8 Tech takes these benefits to the extreme with a super-oversize, non-tapered grip surface that’s the same size from top to bottom.

Because STR8 TECH is the same size throughout the gripping surface, the grip will feel the same whether you choke up or choke down. It’s also a great choice for golfers who use alternative grips such as the 10-Finger, which puts more of your hand’s surface in contact with the grip.

STR8 Tech Textured Wrap: Our softest construction. Maximum shock-resistance to help golfers who prefer a softer grip or need pain relief.

  • Promotes Light, Even Grip Pressure: Creates faster clubhead speed.
  • Ultra-Stable, Super-Oversized Profile: Provides maximum clubface awareness and control.
  • Twist-Resistant StabilityCore™: Offers maximum performance in the rough.
  • Ergonomic Shape: Allows for more practice and less pain.
  • Multiple Options: Available in Ultralite, Tour Series, and Wrap Series models.
  • Tech Ready: Add Arccos or CobraConnect embedded sensors to the STR8 Tech Tour Series or STR8 Tech Textured Wrap.


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