JumboMax JMX JumboFlat 17" Putter Grips

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Developed with Bryson DeChambeau. The JumboFlat 17 is for golfers that use the ArmLock putting style. It has a super-wide, flat surface and a patent-pending shape that was designed to fit the contour of the forearm so golfers can really lock it in.

  • A Major Winner: Used By 2020 U.S. Open Champion Bryson DeChambeau.
  • Eliminate Wrist Break: Has the widest profile of any ArmLock grip.
  • Lays Perfectly Flat: Patent-pending tapered shape rests perfectly flat against your forearm.
  • Fits The Fingers: Rounded section is formed to fit your fingers.
  • Boost Feel: Poly-Tour™ outer provides optimal tackiness and texture.

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