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Load image into Gallery viewer, BJM PU UNDERSIZE PUTTER GRIPS
Load image into Gallery viewer, BJM PU UNDERSIZE PUTTER GRIPS
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Holding the Putter with the traditional palm facing palm technique, encourages the full range of joint mobility especially flexion/extension and pronation/supination, this becomes a challenge to control. Use the new BJM Hold system with a Kotahi Putter grip, reduce the joint mobility in the hands and arms for greater putting success.

This putting system has been tested on an iTrainer and a SAM PUTT LAB. The noticeable improvements are: The club face rotation rate is reduced, not restricted or inhibited but reduced. So what’s the advantage of this? If the club face rotation rate is reduced it is in direct relationship to the ability and consistency of returning the club face squarely at the time of contact. Let me explain this a little more.

Imagine the club path was arced or circular, what BJM are ultimately looking for is the club face to be perpendicular or at a 90 degree angle to the path. This in turn is allowing the putter head and face to be moving in unison, of course concluding sound mechanics or no contradictions in the core mechanics. I’ll go into contradictions at a later stage.

Of course BJM must consider the direction, path and decent/ascent of the putter head together but separately. Now this may seem like a statement of contradiction but let me explain. Because BJM body parts can move independently from one another then there maybe influences on the actual movement even though the athlete has set up correctly, influences include:

  • CONCEPT, that is what it is BJM think need to do to create a desired outcome.
  • PHYSICAL/ MENTAL inabilities, this is including blocks in the range of motion or physical and mental impairments.
  • EDUCATION, this is simply not knowing what movement is correct and or includes not being able to access whether or not the movement the athlete is feeling is actually happening. These things are not as common on the smaller movements as they are on the larger, but none the less still exist and should not be ignored. So let’s give an example. BJM athlete has set up well, the measurements on analysis equipment say that the clubface rotation rate is relative to the path but the path is in to out. BJM can conclude that an influence in the actual swing would be an issue, either BJM athlete has moved laterally influencing the direction the club head has moved on, structural change, even though the dynamics are efficient, the effect on the desired outcome is influenced.

  • Hence why BJM must look at the STATIC STRUCTURE – DYNAMIC STRUCTURE – DYNAMIC MOVEMENT EFFICIENCY individually as an influence on outcome, but develop, design and access the overall mechanics with the desired outcome in mind, SPECIFIC GOAL ORIENTATION.

    This is the reason why I say BJM must access the movements separately but together. To conclude, the new putting system encourages individual body parts to work together with a common goal or desired outcome with no contradictions in the mechanics, hence the reason why I say this new putting hold creates SYNERGY.

    Undersized (For children, smaller hands)
    Weight: 65g
    Width: 1.125”
    Length: 11”
    Height: 1.5”

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