PXG Weights & Misc

Special design for PXG 0811 driver and 0311 iron head. DOES NOT FIT THE 0811XF! Fit 0811X, 0811LX driver head and 0311T iron head, need to take the screw down to see if they are same size. WARNING: For driver weight, please measure the diameter of thread, if it’s not 0.306” (7.75mm)....
Aftermarket perimeter head weights for PXG irons Fits PXG 0311, 0311T and 0311XF irons Weight/Length: 0.2g/4.06mm; 0.42g/7.37mm; 0.6g/4.06mm; 1.23/7.37mm; 4g/9.91mm Materials: Tungsten alloy Color: Black